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Guitar Lessons Glen Waverley - Learn What You Want

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Glen Waverley - Learn What You Want providing Glen Waverley and the surrounding suburbs  – Vermont, Wantirna, Springvale,  Burwood, Scoresby, Ringwood and Box Hill - with the very best in Guitar, Singing and Song Writing lessons.

Danny Lopez is a dynamic and enthusiastic music teacher who has dedicated many years of developing a teaching
method that brings out the best in his students. From pre-school children, professional musicians, aspiring artistes,
to hobby musicians.

Danny has the ability to connect with individuals on all musical levels, guiding them with creative options to
understand their full potential.
To Danny, music is a language, that once the individual has the belief and desire
to truly listen, can channel in and achieve what ever they are musically passionate for.

That way the student is always inspired and eager to learn, developing at there own rate, with confidence and their
own personal sense of achievement! 

At Learn What You Want, as the name suggests, the idea is for the student to learn whatever they want.

A program will be designed for the individual, as an individual. Danny has created his own philosophy for teaching
from countless years of experience and studying from the best possible mentors and musicians around.

He likes to go straight to the source and heart of what works, rather than force feeding information that a student may
not yet be ready to acquire.

At the same time though, laying the initial first steps, paving the way allowing the student to take comfort,
that they're achieving their own personal goals and expectations from their music teacher.

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Deuce the duo band for hire

Deuce the duo band for hire is a versatile and dynamic duo with a great sound and energy, playing all your favorite songs that get you feeling good and moving. From up beat disco to sing along classic rock, deuce will deliver fantastic
entertainment every time for your next party or function.

The band's website

Learn What You Want


Glen Waverley


Danny Lopez


(03) 8802 4507

0410 615 035


Guitar Lessons Glen Waverley - Learn What You Want


Danny offers more than just Guitar lessons:
    Guitar lessons for Beginners
    Intermediate guitar lessons
    Guitar lessons for advanced players

Bass guitar lessons
    Bass guitar lessons for Beginners
    Intermediate guitar lessons

Singing Lessons

Song Writing
    Techniques and production

 Deuce can also cater for events that require an act with a little more kick than your average duo. With their fantastic sound system and amazing studio produced backing tracks, deuce can deliver a huge production without the cost of hiring a five piece band. In a nutshell, the quality of the performance is comparable to a CD.

Deuce currently enjoy performing at weddings, parties and functions most weekends within the metro area, and find that their act is very well suited to a crowd that is enthusiastic about live entertainment, and who enjoy experiencing a great performance by two excellent musicians. If the occasion calls for a great show and feel good music, deuce are the perfect duo!


Guitar Lessons Glen Waverley - Learn What You Want


 24 / 7 by appointment

(Closed Sundays)


 Learn What You Want

Guitar Lessons Glen Waverley

Ph: (03) 8802 4507

Glen Waverley

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